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RIP George (Joe) Center 2/3/2021

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of one of our volunteers and dear friend George (Joe) Center.
Joe came to Armagh in the early 1970’s with the Black Watch and transferred to the UDR. He served in Armagh until he retired
in 1990 after which he became a Volunteer with the Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum.
He did a lot of research into the fallen of WW1 who were from St Mark’s Parish Church in Armagh and extended this to assist in researching names for the fallen of WW1 West of the River Bann. He was very thorough and methodical in his work. This resulted in the publication of his book “Armagh Dead in the Great War”.
No sooner was this completed when he embarked on researching the fallen of Armagh in WW2. This resulted in the recent publication of a second book “Armagh War Dead in WW2”, co-written by Stanley Burrows.
Joe, originally from Scotland, was an import to Armagh who took the City to his heart and did a huge amount of research about the fallen of Armagh in the two World Wars. He was hugely respected by both everyone he served with and also by those who worked with him in the Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum.
Joe suffered with cancer a number of years ago but the disease went into remission until a few years ago. He carried on bravely until he was no longer fit to attend the museum. I remember one incident that I think sums him up. We were in the Museum doing research and things were not going well. There was a bit of a heated debate and Joe just packed up and left. His parting comment was “I value my friends here too much to carry on today”.
But for Joe and his work on the fallen in Armagh in the two World Wars, the plagues that are now on the War Memorial on The Mall, would never have been completed. The people of Armagh and this museum owe a lot to Joe Center.
book 2“Armagh War Dead in World War 2”
The second book honouring the memory of Armagh servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives in the Second World War produced by The Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum is now available. Co-written by Joe Center and Stanley Burrows this is the sequel to “Armagh War Dead in the Great War”.
“Armagh War Dead in World War 2” is now available from the Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum. While – due to the pandemic – the museum is currently closed, copies can be ordered online at www.royalirishfusiliersmuseum.com or contact the curator at fusiliersmuseum@yahoo.co.uk or 02837522911 for postal or collection by appointment.

Costs £10

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The Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum is launching “Armagh Dead in The Great War”- By Joe Center on Thursday 8th November.
 The book is available for purchase from the museum shop from the 8th or for pre-order online.


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